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About Us

Hong Kong Bakery is a family owned business that originated from Hong Kong. Our journey began when we embarked on a new chapter, immigrating to Alberta, Canada. After immigrating to Canada, Alberta we realized that the province has yet experience an authentic Asian bakery. Therefore in 1978, we opened our first Canadian based Hong Kong Bakery in Calgary, and then moved to Edmonton in 1987.

Hong Kong Bakery now has a bakery located in Edmonton's Chinatown. Here, customers can explore our wide selection of authentic baked goods that capture the true essence of Hong Kong's culinary delights. Indulge in our top-selling treats, including the irresistible Coconut Cocktail buns, savory BBQ Pork buns, and our delightful Egg tarts! 

Our bakery continues to strive for the best quality of our wide range of products by providing fresh baked goods made daily from scratch with no preservatives. This ensures that our diverse and loyal customers always enjoy the tastiest treats that satisfy their cravings.

Come and experience the magic of Hong Kong Bakery, where traditional flavors meet innovation in every bite! 

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